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Why should my business apply for tender funding? 

We are going to dive deep into why companies choose tender funding and why you should too. Many businesses use tender funding as a development strategy to grow their business in a success.

Here are some advantages of applying for tender funding. 


We all love it when we receive money for all our hard work. Winning the tender bid and completing the project successfully guarantee you to get paid.


When applying for a tender it is very important to show you can do the work, relevant case studies or demonstrated work showcase you have the experience to do the project. But it benefits your company because you can show potential clients you are prepared and ready for the upcoming projects.


Starting a business and having no contacts is a dangerous game but luckily with winning tender bids you automatically build yourself a proper contact list.


Having a long term contract has a massive impact on your business, not only are you guarantee to always get paid but your are always open for business.

You choose

In a way you are filtering your type of business. You choose the tender you want to bid for , you choose the type of company,projects. You are in control of the projects you want to work on. You build up a foundation you want to specialize in.

Keep in mind there are a few important things to consider before choosing a tender to bid on, luckily we are hear to help you.

Follow these helpful tips to apply for tender bidding:

☑ Can you do the job

This might sound obvious but showing revelant experience showcase you have the capability to sisesfully complete the project. You dont want to be eliminated from the program based on no ability to do the work.

☑ Register on CSD

Why register on on the Government’s Central Supplier Database (CSD). The government verify your Email adress,Cell phone,Banking details. But they also verify your Company Registration Number and Tax Clearance.

☑ Documents

Many companies apply for tenders without complying with the required documents or information. Read the tender document tenderly and make sure to have all company documents, information in order and up to date.

If you require further support on responding to a tender or bidding for contracts, please feel free to contact us.

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