1. Primary Documents required:
  • Completed Application Form (available on our website to download)
  • Valid Purchase Order
  • Request for Quotation or Specification
  • Quotation from your Supplier
2. Project Proposal
On acceptance of our Project Proposal, kindly note that our office will get in contact with your Purchase Order Issuer to validate the Purchase Order.

3. Valid FICA Documents required on acceptance of Project Proposal:

  • Company Registration (CK1 for a CC and 14.3 for a (Pty) Ltd)
  • Original Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Original or certified copies of the business address
  • BEE Certificate
  • Business bank account letter
  • Certified ID copies of directors
  • Original or certified copies of all directors' proof of residence
  • Resolution signed by all director
Next of Kin (should not be residing with any of the company directors):
  • ID copy, contact number and email address
4. Agreements, Regulated Bank Account and Credit Vetting:
  • Singing of the agreements
  • Opening of the regulated bank account in your company name
  • Loading the new bank details on your profile at Purchase Order Issuer and on Supplier Database
  • Vendor and Supplier Vetting
5. Supplier Payment and Deliveries
  • On receipt of all requested confirmation, supplier payment will be processed
  • Kindly note that we will be present at all deliveries
6. PO Payment Distribution
  • On receipt and clearing of the PO payment from the PO issuer, vendor share of profit will be paid into the vendor’s company bank account within 24 working hours